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New Metal

Ever been to a metal mega-store? We likely have the shape, thickness, and material combination you need for your project. If we do not have it, we can order it. Stop in to pick out what your need or click below to have the piece(s) ready for pick-up. We can cut each piece to the length you want, up to 20 feet.

Each order comes with one free cut; cuts thereafter are priced according to size of material.  

  • Angle

  • Bar grating

  • Black pipe

  • Channel

  • Cold flat

  • Cold round

  • Cold square

  • Expanded

  • Flat

  • Flat expanded

  • I-beam

  • Pipe

  • Rebar

  • Rectangular tubing

  • Round tubing

  • Square tubing

  • Steel sheet

  • Tread plate

  • W-beam

  • more

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